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The Duel in European History: Honour and the Reign of Aristocracy
: The Duel in European History: Honour and the Reign of Aristocracy
: Victor Kiernan, David Blackbourn
: Zed Books
: 2016
: epub
: 300
: 17 mb
: English


With wit and insight, Kiernan provides an entertaining history of the evolution of the ritual of the duel,
beginning with its medieval originswhen it was regarded as a badge of rankand following the practice
up to the early twentieth century, by which time it had come to be seen as an irrational anachronism.
Kiernan argues persuasively that the idea of the duel was unique to Europe and its colonies, and, in
its contribution to the development of the officers corps, played a key part in shaping European military power.
In doing so, he sheds new light on the ascendency of aristocratic classes and the role that their values played
in European history.


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