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The Cambridge History of Twentieth-Century Music
: Nicholas Cook and Anthony Pople
: The Cambridge History of Twentieth-Century Music
: Cambridge University Press
: 2014
ISBN: 978-1107631991
: English
: pdf
: 16,2 mb
: 824

The Cambridge History of Twentieth-Century Music is a first appraisal of the development of music in the twentieth century from the vantage-point of the twenty-first. This wide-ranging and eclectic book traces the progressive fragmentation of the European art tradition, and its relocation as one tradition among many at the centurys end. While the focus is on Western traditions, both art and popular, these arc situated within the context of world music, including a case study of the interaction of art and traditional musics in post-colonial Africa. An international authorship brings a wide variety of approaches to music history, but the aim throughout is to set musical developments in the context of social, ideological, and technological change, and to understand reception and consumption as integral to the history of music.


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