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: Practical Linux Forensics: A Guide for Digital Investigators (Final)
: Bruce Nikkel
: No Starch Press, Inc.
: 2022
: 420
: epub
: 10.2 MB

Practical Linux Forensics dives into the technical details of analyzing postmortem forensic images of Linux systems that have been misused, abused, or the target of malicious attacks. This essential practitioners guide will show you how to locate and interpret digital evidence found on Linux desktops, servers, and IoT devices, draw logical conclusions, and reconstruct timelines of past activity after a crime or security incident. It's a book written for investigators with varying levels of Linux experience, and the techniques shown are independent of the forensic analysis platform and tools used. Early chapters provide an overview of digital forensics as well as an introduction to the Linux operating system and popular distributions. From there, the book describes the analysis of storage, filesystems, files and directories, installed software packages, and logs.
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MCA Microsoft 365 Teams Administrator Study Guide: Exam MS-700: MCA Microsoft 365 Teams Administrator Study Guide: Exam MS-700
: Ben Lee
: Sybex
: 2022
: 529
: pdf (true)
: 28.41 MB

This Study Guide helps you understand the job role and responsibilities of a Microsoft 365 Teams Administrator. It's your one-stop resource for learning new skills, preparing to take the exam, and boosting your career! Cloud technology has become a major component of how services are delivered to customers. It's creating new roles and expanding others in all areas of technology. The Microsoft 365 Certified Associate Teams Administrator certification shows you're keeping pace with today's technology. MCA Microsoft 365 Certified Teams Administrator Study Guide is your best resource for understanding the job roles and responsibilities of a Teams Administrator and preparing to take the certification Exam MS-700.

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: Learn SQL with MySQL: Retrieve and Manipulate Data Using SQL Commands with Ease
: Ashwin Pajankar
: BPB Publications
: 2020
: 279
: 10 Mb
: English

This book starts with the concepts in RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) and SQL (Structured Query Language). The first few chapters cover the definitions and a brief explanation of all the important concepts. They also cover the installation of MariaDB and MySQL on Windows and Raspberry Pi, as well as the setup of various tools used to connect to MySQL and MariaDB server processes. We will also understand how to install sample schemas and how to use basic SQL queries. Then we move on to the SELECT query in detail. The book explores the data retrieval aspect of SQL queries in detail with the WHERE clause and NULL handling in detail. The book also explores the functions available in MySQL. Those are single row and group functions. Then we explore how to combine the data from multiple sources. The technique is known as Joins, and we will learn ANSI style and the old-style syntax for all the types of Joins.
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: Efficient MySQL Performance (Early Release)
: Daniel Nichter
: OReilly Media, Inc.
: 2021-09-15: Fourth Release
: ePUB
: 362
: 10 Mb
: English

You'll find several books on MySQL basics today, but only one that covers advanced MySQL performance--and nothing in between. That's because explaining MySQL performance without addressing its complexity is difficult. This practical book bridges the gap by teaching developers mid-level MySQL knowledge beyond the fundamentals, but well shy of deep-level internals required by DBAs.
Daniel Nichter shows you how to apply best practices and techniques that directly affect efficient MySQL performance. You'll learn how to focus on query response time, optimize queries and data to increase performance, and monitor and understand the most important MySQL metrics. You'll also discover how not to use MySQL, including situations where this database is clearly the wrong choice.
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: Windows Internals, Part 1-2, 7th Edition
: Andrea Allievi, Alex Ionescu, Mark E. Russinovich, David A. Solomon
: Microsoft Press, Pearson
: 2017-2022
: True PDF, ePUB
: 800+1777
: 58,2 Mb, 64,3 Mb
: English

The definitive guide to modern Windows internals: new coverage of virtualization, file systems, boot, security, and more.
For advanced computing professionals, this is the definitive up-to-date guide to how Windows core components behave under the hood. Using it, experienced developers can build more powerful and scalable software, administrators can debug complex system and performance problems, and security researchers can harden their systems. This Seventh Edition is fully updated through the May 2021 (21H1/2104) updates to Windows 10 and Windows Server (2022, 2019, and 2016). It adds extensive content on Hyper-V, plus fully rewritten chapters on the boot process, new storage technologies, and Windows system and management mechanisms. As always, it delivers unparalleled insight based on insider access to Microsoft source code, with hands-on experiments using the latest debugging tools to show you Windows internal behaviors firsthand. With Windows 11 introducing new user interface design elements that build upon the same core technologies as Windows 10, readers will be well-prepared for this new chapter of computing.
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: Tensor Computation for Data Analysis
: Yipeng Liu, Jiani Liu, Zhen Long, Ce Zhu
: Springer
: 2021
: True PDF
: 347
: 10 Mb
: English

Tensor is a natural representation for multi-dimensional data, and tensor computation can avoid possible multi-linear data structure loss in classical matrix computation-based data analysis.
This book is intended to provide non-specialists an overall understanding of tensor computation and its applications in data analysis, and benefits researchers, engineers, and students with theoretical, computational, technical and experimental details. It presents a systematic and up-to-date overview of tensor decompositions from the engineer's point of view, and comprehensive coverage of tensor computation based data analysis techniques. In addition, some practical examples in machine learning, signal processing, data mining, computer vision, remote sensing, and biomedical engineering are also presented for easy understanding and implementation. These data analysis techniques may be further applied in other applications on neuroscience, communication, psychometrics, chemometrics, biometrics, quantum physics, quantum chemistry, etc.
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Segmentation Analytics with SAS Viya: An Approach to Clustering and Visualization: Segmentation Analytics with SAS Viya: An Approach to Clustering and Visualization
: Randall S. Collica
: SAS Institute Inc.
: 2021
: 136
: pdf (true), epub
: 18.8 MB, 20.9 MB

Better understand your customers using segmentation analytics in SAS Viya! Segmentation Analytics with SAS Viya: An Approach to Clustering and Visualization demonstrates the use of clustering and machine learning methods for the purpose of segmenting customer or client data into useful categories for marketing, market research, next best offers by segment, and more. This book highlights the latest and greatest methods available that show the power of SAS Viya while solving typical industry issues. Packed with real-world examples, this book provides readers with practical methods of using SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning (VDMML), SAS Model Studio, SAS Visual Statistics, SAS Visual Analytics, and coding in SAS Studio for segmentation model development and analysis. This book is designed for analysts, data miners, and data scientists who need to use the all in-memoryplatform of SAS Viya for the purposes of clustering and segmentation. Understanding how customers behave is a primary objective of most organizations, and segmentation is a key analytic method for achieving that objective.
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: Data Management at Scale: Best Practices for Enterprise Architecture
: Piethein Strengholt
: OReilly
: 2020
: True PDF, ePUB
: 348
: 15,5 Mb, 10 Mb
: English

As data management and integration continue to evolve rapidly, storing all your data in one place such as a data warehouse is no longer scalable. In the very near future, data will need to be distributed and available for several technological solutions. With this practical book, youll learn how to migrate your enterprise from a complex and tightly coupled data landscape to a more flexible architecture ready for the modern world of data consumption.
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: SQL. , , 3-
: 2021
: 404
: 36 Mb

, - . SQL. . , , , , . ( SQL , ), (MySQL, Oracle Database, SQL Server) SQL . . SQL .
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: SQL for Data Analysis: Advanced Techniques for Transforming Data into Insights (Final)
: Cathy Tanimura
: OReilly Media, Inc.
: 2021
: 350
: epub
: 10.28 MB

With the explosion of computing power, thanks to analytic databases and cloud data warehouses, SQL has become an even more robust and flexible tool for the savvy analyst or data scientist. This practical book reveals hidden ways to get the most out of your SQL workflow. You'll learn how to use both common and exotic SQL functions such as joins, window functions, subqueries, and regular expressions in new, innovative waysA Ac??as well as how to combine SQL techniques to accomplish your goals faster, with more understandable code. If you work with SQL databases, this is a must-have reference. SQL for Data Analysis covers useful applications such as: Cohort analysis Text analysis Anomaly detection Time series analysis Experiment analysis Creating complex datasets for further exploration in statistical and visualization tools And more.
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