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: Fantasy Art Essentials
: Future
: 2019
: pdf
: 148
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Whether youre an admirer of fantasy art, or you want to get to grips with its techniques in your own work, this ultimate guide is for you. Featuring galleries of inspirational imagery and classic interviews with undisputed luminaries of the fantasy art world like Rodney Matthews, Boris Vallejo, Brian Froud and many more, its packed with incredible artwork that shows off the talents of some of the worlds most famous fantasy artists. And thats not all; each interview is backed by a guide to the styles and techniques in question. There are even artists wholl show you some of the secrets of the late and much-lamented Frank Frazetta, or the magic of faerie illustration. Plus, theres a Core Skills section at the back thats packed with the essentials you need to learn to create beautiful, evocative fantasy art. Youll learn how to manage skin and hair, costume details, environments, materials and more, with expert advice from professional artists. And dont forget to head over to FileSilo to download tons of creative brushes made by some of the best in the business.

Fantasy Art Essentials 7th Edition 2019:


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