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: Winged Fantasy: Draw and Paint Magical and Mythical Creatures
: Brenda Lyons
: 2014
: epub
: 144
: 38.3 Mb
: English

Create fantasy creatures in watercolor!
Mythology, folklore and fantasy fiction are full of fantastical winged creatures like the fiery phoenix, a roaring dragon protecting his hoard, a fierce gryphon warrior and more. Winged Fantasy will teach you everything you need to know about drawing and painting these and many other creatures. From head to tail and toe to wing, you'll be painting winged creatures in no time!
- More than 30 step-by-step demonstrations and beautiful full-color art help you illustrate a variety of fantasy creatures.
- Simple instructions and clear diagrams teach the anatomy of these creatures. You won't wonder how to draw feathers or where to put wings anymore!
- Easy-to-follow watercolor instruction will guide you through everything from choosing and using basic materials to creating beautiful watercolor paintings. Whether it's in a forest, an underwater scene or the ruins of an ancient city, you'll learn how to bring these creatures and their environments to life.
In the world of fantasy, there are no limits! Just pick up your brush and set your imagination free!


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