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The Hempcrete Book: Designing and Building with Hemp-Lime: The Hempcrete Book: Designing and Building with Hemp-Lime
: William Stanwix and Alex Sparrow
: UIT Cambridge
: 2014
: 35
: / English

Hempcrete is a building material with excellent properties. Its made from lime and hemp shivs (a waste product from hemp fiber growing); it can be used for walls, floors, and for roof insulation; its breathable, absorbing and emitting moisture to regulate internal humidity and avoid trapped moisture and mold growth; it provides excellent acoustic and thermal insulation and thermal mass; its lightweight and reduces construction costs; and its environmentally friendlyit locks up CO2 for the life of the building, and the hemp doesnt require agrochemicals or insecticides in its cultivation.

This book is a detailed practical manual for professionals and self-builders, detailing how to source and make hempcrete and other hemp-lime composites, and how to use them in new builds and restoration. The Hempcrete Book provides a full explanation of construction techniques, highlighting potential pitfalls and how to avoid them, and includes a comprehensive resources section and examples of completed builds, with design notes.


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