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: Essential Building Science: Understanding Energy and Moisture in High Performance House Design (Sustainable Building Essentials Series)
: Jacob Deva Racusin
: New Society Publishers
: 2016
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: 160
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: English

Poor heat and moisture management are the enemies of durable, comfortable, and efficient housing, and good building design and construction starts with a solid understanding of good building science.
Essential Building Science provides a highly visual and accessible introduction to the fundamentals of building science for residential construction.
Part one covers the rationale behind high-performance design and the fundamentals of building physics, including thermal dynamics, moisture transfer, and hygro-thermal dynamics such as vapor drive and condensation.
Part two teaches the vital critical thinking skills needed to consider buildings as whole systems and to develop thermal and moisture control strategies regardless of the specifics of the design. Case studies and examples from across North American climatic zones illuminate real-life problems and offer builders, designers, and DIYers the insights and tools required for creating better new buildings and dramatically improving old ones.
Good science plus critical thinking equals high performance buildings.


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