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The Treasury of San Marco, Venice
: The Treasury of San Marco, Venice
(): David Buckton
: Olivetti
: 1985
ISBN-13: 978-0810916845
: 355
: English
: 59 MB

The catalogue of an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 47 objects in the exhibition are described and illustrated with multiple photographs.
It becomes increasingly difficult to remember that the objects which march in stately procession through these pages were mostly looted from the Fourth Crusade's sacking of Constantinople in 1204. Venice has at least partly atoned by cherishing and preserving these remarkable things: hardstone carvings from the Classical Period, Byzantine enamels, Islamic glass, and filigree so well known that it was called ``Venetian work'' throughout Europe. The volume is companion to an international traveling exhibition but stands on its own; it contains, for example, an extensive essay on the Pala d'oro, major treasure of the collection, which did not leave San Marco. Essays and catalog are standard serious art historical description with magnificent footnotes. A beautiful book; a treasury indeed.

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