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Renaissance Ornament Prints and Drawings

: Renaissance Ornament Prints and Drawings
: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
: 1981
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: 146

Since its FOUNDING in 1916, the Department of Prints and Photographs at The Metropolitan Museum of Art has actively collected prints depicting ornamental patterns and designs. The Museums holdings in the area of Renaissance prints are particularly strong, and the selection in this volume, published to accompany the exhibition Renaissance Ornament Prints and Drawings, amply displays the virtuosity and inexhaustible invention of Renaissance artists and craftsmen.
Drawing upon the rich vocabularies of antique and other motifs, designers created fanciful and exquisitely intricate patterns filled with a variety of classical devices, hybrid creatures, and exotic plant formations to adorn buildings, fountains, furniture, arms, armor, books, jewelry, precious objects, and other fixtures of their world. These designs, modest works of art, provide abundant information not only about the substance and texture of Renaissance life, but also about the sources and stylistic impulses of the period that produced them.


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