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: The Art of Renaissance Europe: A Resource for Educators
(): Bosiljka Raditsa, Rebecca Arkenberg, Rika Burnham
: Metropolitan Museum of Art
: 2000
: 224
: English
: 62 MB

Designed for use in the classroom, the posters, timeline, copies of original fifteenth- and sixteenth-century writings, and lesson plans in this boxed resource will help students explore the richness and diversity of Renaissance art. The tote box provides illustrations and discussions of works from the Metropolitan that embody the Renaissance interest in classical learning, fame, and beautiful objects. Texts explore the great cities and powerful personalities of the age. Students study gesture and narrative, working as Renaissance artists did when they created paintings and drawings. As they learn about perspective, the students examine the eras interest in science and mathematics. Through projects based on poetic forms of the time, they write about their responses to art. The activities and lesson plans are designed for a variety of classroom needs and can be adapted to a specific curriculum as well as used for independent study.


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