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Reliability Assurance of Big Data in the Cloud : Reliability Assurance of Big Data in the Cloud
: Yun Yang, Wenhao Li, Dong Yuan
: Morgan Kaufmann
: 2014
: 7,1
: / English

With the rapid growth of Cloud computing, the size of Cloud data is expanding at a dramatic speed. A huge amount of data is generated and processed by Cloud applications, putting a higher demand on cloud storage. While data reliability should already be a requirement, data in the Cloud needs to be stored in a highly cost-effective manner.

This book focuses on the trade-off between data storage cost and data reliability assurance for big data in the Cloud. Throughout the whole Cloud data lifecycle, four major features are presented: first, a novel generic data reliability model for describing data reliability in the Cloud; second, a minimum replication calculation approach for meeting a given data reliability requirement to facilitate data creation; third, a novel cost-effective data reliability assurance mechanism for big data maintenance, which could dramatically reduce the storage space needed in the Cloud; fourth, a cost-effective strategy for facilitating data creation and recovery, which could significantly reduce the energy consumption during data transfer.

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