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Excel 2010 Formulas
: John Walkenbach
: Excel 2010 Formulas
: Wiley
: 2010
ISBN: 978-0470475362
: English
: pdf
: 55,2 mb
: 816

Experts estimate that barely 10 percent of Excel users understand how to make the most of worksheet formulas. If you already know your way around Excel basics, "Mr. Spreadsheet" John Walkenbach can help you master formulas to gain greater Excel functionality.

First, he shows you exactly what a formula is, how to create one, and what formulas can do. Then you'll learn about using functions in your formulas. Finally you'll explore specific types of formulas that can help you on multiple levels, such as financial and array formulas.

You'll learn how to apply formulas to charts and pivot tables, troubleshoot your formulas, develop custom functions, and much more.

Let Mr. Spreadsheet show you how to:
Master the new functionality in Excel 2010
Understand and use various lookup formulas
Create financial formulas for borrowing or investing
Work with formulas for conditional formatting
Develop custom worksheet functions using VBA


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