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More Predictive Analytics: Microsoft Excel: More Predictive Analytics: Microsoft Excel
: Conrad Carlberg
: Que Publishing
: 2015
: 36,5
: / English

In More Predictive Analytics, Microsoft Excel MVP Conrad Carlberg shows how to use intuitive smoothing techniques to make remarkably accurate predictions. You wont have to write a line of code--all you need is Excel and this all-new, crystal-clear tutorial.

Carlberg goes beyond his highly-praised Predictive Analytics, introducing proven methods for creating more specific, actionable forecasts. Youll learn how to predict what customers will spend on a given product next year project how many patients your hospital will admit next quarter tease out the effects of seasonality (or patterns that recur over a day, year, or any other period) distinguish real trends from mere noise.

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience, Carlberg helps you master powerful techniques such as autocorrelation, differencing, Holt-Winters, backcasting, polynomial regression, exponential smoothing, and multiplicative modeling.

Step by step, youll learn how to make the most of built-in Excel tools to gain far deeper insights from your data. To help you get better results faster, Carlberg provides downloadable Excel workbooks you can easily adapt for your own projects.

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