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Color Concrete Garden Projects
: Color Concrete Garden Projects: Make Your Own Planters, Furniture, and Fire Pits Using Creative Techniques and Vibrant Finishes
: Nathan Smith, Michael Snyder
: Timber Press
: 2015
: epub
: 208
: 113.8 Mb
: English

Discover the countless ways you can craft with color and concrete! Concrete is the perfect medium for outdoor crafts. It is versatile and durable, and it looks even better with time. Add the unexpected element of color, and you have the perfect recipe for vibrant, modern outdoor decor. This hands-on guide will take your outdoor space from gray to great. Concrete artisans Nathan Smith and Michael Snyder show you how to mix concrete, use forms and molds, and add color using stains, slurries, and other innovative techniques. Twenty creative step-by-step projects for furniture, planters, and art include an elegant tabletop planter, a modern birdhouse, and a charming chair for kids.

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