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Maker Dad: Maker Dad
: New Harvest
: 2014
: 65,7
: / English

As the editor in chief of MAKE magazine, Mark Frauenfelder has spent years combing through DIY books, but hes never been able to find one with geeky projects he can share with his two daughters. Maker Dad is the first DIY book to use cutting-edge (and affordable) technology in appealing projects for fathers and daughters to do together. These crafts and gadgets are both rewarding to make and delightful to play with. Whats more, Maker Dad teaches girls lifelong skillslike computer programming, musicality, and how to use basic hand toolsas well as how to be creative problem solvers.

The books twenty-four unique projects include:

Drawbot, a lively contraption that draws abstract patterns all by itself
Ice Cream Sandwich Necklace
Friendstrument, an electronic musical instrument girls can play with friends
Antigravity Jar
Silkscreened T-Shirt
Retro Arcade Video Game
Host a Podcast
Lunchbox Guitar
Kite Video Camera

Innovative and groundbreaking, Maker Dad will inspire fathers to geek out with their daughters and help girls cultivate an early affinity for math, science, and technology.

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