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Secret, Don't Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism: Secret, Don't Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism
: Carla Emery
: Acorn Hill
: 1998
: 37,2
: / English

This Book Is For You. Thank you for choosing to spend time with this book. I send my love and all I've learned. May every sleeper hear this call to wake and tear the wall of silence down!

Yes, you! It is not just hypnotic subjects who sleep. Ignorance and apathy have lulled so many into somnolence. So this book is for general readers who want to be well informed. Knowing real facts abut hypnosis will help you make wiser choices. It is also for those courageous individuals who are trained in hypnosis and who believe truth and justice are more important than professional solidarity, lobbying postures, income protection - even personal safety. And it is for legal specialists who may some day use this information in court to fight for justice.

Especially, this book is for all survivors of abusive hypnosis: past, present, and future. May every sleeper who yearns to wake and struggle toward freedom of mind find the courage to seek help in that waking and the blessing of achieving it.

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