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: Boeing 737
: Robert W. Tidwell
: Squadron/Signal Publications
: At The Gate 28002
ISBN: 9780897476522
: 2011
: English
C: 98
: 48,8 MB

Few commercial aircraft have enjoyed a production run that spans more than four decades and service in nearly every nation on Earth. The Boeing 737 has such a track record. The book takes you on a journey through the continuing story of the 737, from the first aircraft to roll of the production line in the 1960s to the very latest airframes being delivered to major airlines today. The book also offers a look at some of the most interesting 737 liveries as well as parts of the aircraft that few people get to see. Also covered are business jets, cargo carriers, and military versions of the 737 that are less familiar even to the thousands of air travelers who have flown aboard this legendary Boeing liner.


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