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The Mega Drive/SNES Book. Third Edition
: The Mega Drive/SNES Book. Third Edition
: Imagine Publishing Limited
: Imagine Publishing Limited
: 2016
: English
: pdf
:66 Mb

Celebrating two of the greatest consoles ever, this book takes an in-depth look at Sega and Ninendo's consoles, and the best games that made them both huge hits. Read in-depth guides to collecting the consoles and everything you need to make the most of them. Relive classic games for Mega Drive including Gunstar Heroes, Road Rash and of course Sonic, and remember the classic SNES outings of the Super Mario World, Metroid and Super Star Wars.
Everything you need to know about these 16-bit masterpieces

Making Of
- Learn the story behind great games like FIFA Soccer, Gunstar Heroes and Comix Zone

Collectors Guide
- Make sure you know all there is to know about the most coveted Mega Drive and SNES pieces

Retro revivals
- Find out which retro classics have been resurrected from retro gaming obscurity

Why you must play...
- Discover essential games like Street Fighter II and Contra III

- Also inside...
- Mega CD
- Gunstar Heroes
- Shinobi
- Castle of Illusion
- Thunder Force III
- Mystical Ninja
- Top 25 Mega Drive games
- Super Mario
- Street Fighter II
- Contra III
- Mode 7 Heaven
- Axelay
- Super Turrican
- Best SNES RPGs
- Mystical Ninja
- Road Rash
- Super Mario Kart
- Top 25 SNES games


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