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Fabulous Raw Food: Detox, Lose Weight, and Feel Great in Just Three Weeks!: Fabulous Raw Food: Detox, Lose Weight, and Feel Great in Just Three Weeks!
: Erica Palmcrantz Aziz
: Skyhorse Publishing
: 2012
: 5,4
: / English

Who doesnt want to look leaner, feel stronger, and be happier? Few people would doubt that the food we consume plays a major role in our well-being. The raw food movement proclaims that the secret to great health is not just in what we eat, but in how its preparedeating raw provides our bodies with the nutrients and enzymes they need to thrive.

Raw Food: A Healthier, Simpler Life in Three Weeks contains three-, seven-, and twenty-one-day programseach full of delicious recipesthat give you the opportunity to decide just how much change is right for you right now. Erica Palmcrantz Aziz also emphasizes the importance of choosing organic ingredients that enable the body to cleanse itself while improving the quality of the earths ecosystem.

Give your body the chance to get back to its natural balance. Eat raw for just a few weeks and youll begin to understand your eating habits (good or bad), and how factors like activity, sleep, and emotions govern what you eat. Equipped with a deeper understanding of how food affects you, and armed with a fantastic collection of easy recipes, youll be feeling great in no time!


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