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Strength Rules: Strength Rules
: Danny Kavadlo
: Dragon Door Publications
: 2015
: 21,9
: / English

How to Be Tough As Nails--Whatever You Do, Wherever You Go, Whenever You Need It. Want to get classically strong--in every dimension of your life--gut, heart and mind? Do you want to be: More than just gym-strong? More than just functionally strong? More than just sport-specifically strong? Do you demand instead to be: Tensile Strong? Versatile Strong? Pound-for-Pound Strong? The Ultimate Physical Dynamo? A Mental Powerhouse?

Then welcome to the world of Strength Rules--where you can stand tall on a rock-solid foundation of classic strength principles...Arm-in-arm with a world leader in the modern calisthenics movement. "I have been waiting for a book to be written on strength training that I can recommend to all of my patients, and Danny Kavadlo has delivered with Strength Rules. Danny has written a stripped down approach to strength that is accessible to everyone. He has distilled his wealth of knowledge and experience in coaching and bodyweight strength training into a program that is cohesive, scalable, and instantly applicable to all comers.

He has also added a rock solid approach to nutrition and ample doses of inspirational story telling and philosophy, resulting in the gem that is Strength Rules. I dare anyone to read this book and still give me an excuse why they can't strengthen their body and improve their health."--DR. CHRISTOPHER HARDY, author, Strong Medicine "Strength Rules is one of the finest books on strength I've ever read.If you want to learn how to unleash ferocious strength and power while also improving your health and ridding yourself of extra fat and joint pain, THIS is the book you need to own. If you are a bodyweight master, this is the bible you will want to go back to again and again, to keep you on the straight and narrow. If you are raw beginner-- then get this book right now, follow the rules, and save yourself years of wasted effort! Strength Rules is as good as it gets!"--PAUL WADE, author, Convict Conditioning

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