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: Electric & Hybrid vehicle technology international magazine 2008
: 2008
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The inside track on tomorrows eco-friendly vehicles from Mercedes Exclusive interview with Christian Mohrdieck, head of fuel cell and battery drive system development, Daimler.
Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology International is testament to the automotive industrys efforts to design and develop vehicles that are leaner, and perhaps even meaner. The big motor shows of 2008 are evidence of this. From Detroit to Paris, and Tokyo to Geneva, the theme, for all car manufacturers and suppliers was a very bright green. Weve had the Chevrolet Volt, an affordable hybrid from Honda, a plug-in hybrid from Toyota, a Ford plug-in fuel cell, electric Chryslers, Smarts, Mercedes and Minis, hydrogen rotary engines from Mazda, and concepts galore.
Even Bentley announced an initiative to reduce its average fleet emissions by 2012 through the use of second-generation biofuels, while engineers at Maranello are being tasked to come up with eco-friendly engine technologies look no further than the Ferrari F430 biofuel concept. Things are just as busy on the supplier side: Denso is working on Toyotas third-generation hybrid technology, and European and North American suppliers are catching up with their Asian counterparts.
The future for hybrids Is the game already over for diesel hybrid powertrains?
Development technologies
A look at how testing programs are evolving to encompass hybrid and electric vehicles
Green motorsport
The story behind the worlds first ever zerocarbon grand prix


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