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: BDMs Photography User Guides
/ : 2018
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If you are new to digital photography or if you already have a camera, and want to get more out of this amazing art, our indispensable guide, written by professional photographers, is here to pass on the knowledge you need to get more creative. You will learn how to improve all aspects of your photography skills, giving you the con dence to shoot like a pro and produce images to be proud of. Take your photography to the next level with our fully illustrated user guides. Understand exposure, focal length, depth of eld and equipment options. Take control of your cameras shooting modes and explore important photographic concepts such as shutter speed, aperture and ISO, as well as guides to composition. Photography does not need to be di cult, it needs to be something you can enjoy to the full. Learn the techniques the professionals use to shoot a wide variety of photographic subjects. Our tutorials cover such diverse subjects as high speed photography, bokehrama portraits and panoramas, as well as some very useful hints and tips that can keep you shooting even when you think you cant. Photography should be fun and we hope to inspire you and get you passionate about such a creative medium.

BDMs Photography User Guides - Creative Photography 2018:


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