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Model Engineers Workshop 150
: Model Engineers Workshop
: 150
: MyHobbyStore Ltd
: 2009
: 68
: 56
: English

This superb magazine deals with machines, materials, processes and techniques for precision metalwork. It's a must read for the serious model engineering hobbyists.


On the Editor's Bench
Dave Clark's commentary,
Workshop Clamping
Harold Hall looks at clamps and clamping.
Building a CNC Router pt 3
John Rutter continues construction,
To Die Now! (Better than 'Yesterdie'?) pt 4
David Piddington continues making die holders.
X1 Mill Modifications
David White strengthens his mill.
An Introduction to Milling pt 3
Donald Brymer Continues his look at basic milling.
A simple Homemade Vice
Richard K. Wightman makes a simple accessory.
Making a Welding Trolley
Jayne Reeve makes another simple welding project.
A Myford Super Seven Topslide With Digital Readout
Ken Wilson utilises a miniature readout scale.
A Small Compressor
Richard K. Wightman utilises secondhand parts.
Introducing Collets & Collet Chucks
Dave Fenner looks at these useful items.
Clarkson Tool & Cutter Grinder pt 3
Mike Haughton continues his look at this versatile cutter grinder.
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