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Model Engineers Workshop 155
: Model Engineers Workshop
: 155
: MyHobbyStore Ltd
: 2009
: 68
: 55.5
: English

This superb magazine deals with machines, materials, processes and techniques for precision metalwork. It's a must read for the serious model engineering hobbyists. Established for over 100 years, Model Engineer offers it all, on various engineering subjects. Featuring practical advice on construction model, articles and reviews.


On the editor's bench
Dave Clark's commentary
Machining internal and external fittings for a lathe's threaded mandrel
Harold Hall shows us how to make (and mirror) the mandrel nose
Mick Knights shows us how to ream in the home workshop
Quick set face and angle plate
Harold Hall shows us the best way to machine a useful lathe accessory
First steps in 3d design
Linton Wedlock continues his step-by-step 3D design series
How i made my little lathe
Hubert Elffers shows us how he made his own lathe
Living with the stent tool and cutter grinder
Charles Woodward shows us how to use this versatile machine
Making a pinstriping tool
Dave Fenner shows you how to make a useful lining tool
An introduction to superglues and engineering adhesives
Mike Haughton teaches you about the basics of adhesives in engineering
Trade counter
Fireside reading
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Model Engineers Workshop 155 2009


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