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: E.J.Angelo Jr
: Electronic Circuits. Second Edition
: USA. By McGraw-Hill, Inc.
: 1964
: 667
: 17

The study of electronics is currently considered to include studies of physical electronics, solid-state physics, linear amplifiers, nonlinear amplifiers, pulse circuits, rectifiers, and a variety of other related topics. Any attempt to cover all these topics in detail in a single volume must inevitably result in a large and unwieldy book. Partly for the purpose of avoiding such a result, this book does not undertake a thorough development of all these subjects; it does, however, attempt to establish the fundamental concepts and techniques that are basic to all of them. The subject matter of the book has served for several years as the basis for a one-year first course in electronics for juniors in electrical engineering. The important topics not treated in detail in this course are studied in a subsequent course...


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