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: Digital Communication Systems Engineering with Software-Defined Radio
: Alexander M. Wyglinski, Di Pu
: Artech House
: 2013
: 307
: 15,59
: English

This unique resource provides you with a practical approach to quickly learning the software-defined radio concepts you need to know for your work in the field. By prototyping and evaluating actual digital communication systems capable of performing "over-the-air" wireless data transmission and reception, this volume helps you attain a first-hand understanding of critical design trade-offs and issues. Moreover you gain a sense of the actual "real-world" operational behavior of these systems. With the purchase of the book, you gain access to several ready-made Simulink experiments at the publisher's website. This collection of laboratory experiments, along with several examples, enables you to successfully implement the designs discussed the book in a short period of time. These files can be executed using MATLAB version R2011b or later.


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