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: Raspberry Pi: Step-by-Step Guide To Raspberry Pi For Beginners
: Gabriel Grey
: Independently published
ISBN: 1720143994
: 2018
: 151
: epub, azw3, pdf (conv)
: 10.1 MB

The Raspberry Pi is incredibly popular, and for pretty great reason. Its a super neat miniature computer that you can use to powerful all of your nerdy dreams. However, it can be a little hard to jump headfirst into the Pi subculture, since it requires such extensive background knowledge in hardware and software development.
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This book aims to get you up to speed on everything and help you to understand from the very start all that you need to do in order to become adept with the Raspberry Pi. Well also be learning how to program in Python and the plethora of different things that you can use the Raspberry Pi for. Were going to be covering various different topics such as:
What the Raspberry Pi is
How to set the Raspberry Pi up
An introduction to Linux
An extremely thorough introduction to programming in Python on the Raspberry Pi
Different projects that you can do with the Raspberry Pi
And so much, much more.
Dont settle for less. Get the best book on the market for learning how to use your Raspberry Pi to its full potential.

Raspberry Pi: Step-by-Step Guide To Raspberry Pi For Beginners


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