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: The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications; Volume 1: Introduction and Fundamental Theory
: ARRL Inc.
: ARRL, the National Association for Amateur Radio; 96 edition
: 2018 (2019 edition)
: 624
: epub
: 25.7 MB

The Most Complete Reference and Guide for Radio Communications.

The ARRL Handbook advances your pursuit of radio experimentation, discovery, and achievement. Each edition contains new and useful material to support Amateur Radio activity from the traditional short- and long-wave frequencies through microwaves!

Amateur Radio enthusiasts - hams - often have been at the forefront of the incredible blaze of progress over the past century in wireless and electronics, leading to technology that has broadened our horizons and touched virtually all of our lives. In the days before the telephone and household electricity were commonplace and the Internet not yet conceived, hams pioneered personal communication. It was the first wireless social medium.

From sophisticated smartphones, tablets, devices worn on your wrist, and diminutive laptop PCs that go anywhere, we enjoy wireless technology thats changing so rapidly, its literally difficult to keep current. People-to-people communication is the goal, whether by voice, text, or image. But Amateur Radio remains vital and active today.

Amateur Radio, better known as ham radio, is many things to many people more than 700,000 of them in the US alone. Ham radio hobbyists have at their fingertips the ability to directly contact fascinating people they may never meet who live in distant places theyll never visit. They do this without any external infrastructure, such as a cell network or the Internet, sometimes using simple, inexpensive often homemade equipment and antennas. Since the early days of wireless, these experimenters, who had to learn by trial and error, because little information was available at the time, developed and refined the means to contact one another without wires. They do this because its fun and offers a sense of accomplishment I made this happen! that you cant get on a smartphone.

Introduction and Fundamental Theory
What is Amateur (Ham) Radio?
Fundamental Theory
Electrical Fundamentals
Radio Fundamentals
Circuits and Component

Also available:
Volume 2: Practical Design & Principles PART 1
Volume 3: Practical Design & Principles PART 2
Volume 4: Antenna Systems & Radio Propagation
Volume 5: Equipment Construction & Station Accessories
Volume 6: Test Equipment, Troubleshooting, RFI & Index

Please note: This eBook is based on the ninety-sixth edition (2019 edition) of The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications.

The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications; Volume 1: Introduction and Fundamental Theory


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