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: Simulation of Power Electronics Converters Using PLECS
: Farzin Asadi, Kei Eguchi
: Academic Press
: 2019
: True PDF
: 566
: 36.4 Mb
: English

Simulation of Power Electronics Converters Using PLECS is a guide to simulating a power electronics circuit using the latest powerful software for power electronics circuit simulation purposes. This book assists engineers gain an increased understanding of circuit operation so they can, for a given set of specifications, choose a topology, select appropriate circuit component types and values, estimate circuit performance, and complete the design by ensuring that the circuit performance will meet specifications even with the anticipated variations in operating conditions and circuit component values.
This book covers the fundamentals of power electronics converter simulation, along with an analysis of power electronics converters using PLECS. It concludes with real-world simulation examples for applied content, making this book useful for all those in the electrical and electronic engineering field.


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