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Dissecting Computer Architecture: Dissecting Computer Architecture
: Alvin Albuero De Luna
: Arcler Press
: 2023
: 272
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: 23.0 MB

This book explains the fundamental technologies and components used in modern processors and computer architectures and how varied architectural choices culminate in computer configurations that are optimal for certain applications. To put it nicely, modern computers are sophisticated gadgets. Nevertheless, when examined hierarchically, the roles of each degree of complexity become apparent. We will cover a large number of subjects in this book and will only be able to investigate each of them to a limited extent due to space constraints. Our objective is to present a comprehensive overview of each significant technology and subsystem found in a modern digital device and to explain how they interact with other system components.

Professionals in every computing field must be able to grasp both hardware and software in todays world. The interaction of hardware and software at various levels also provides a foundation for comprehending computer fundamentals. The essential ideas in computer organization and design are the same whether youre interested in electrical engineering or computer science. As a result, the focus of this book is on demonstrating the relationship between hardware and software, as well as the concepts that underpin modern computers.

Readers with no prior knowledge of assembly language or logic design who need to understand basic computer organization, as well as readers with prior knowledge of logic design or assembly language, will benefit from this book. This book is aimed at software developers, system designers, computer engineers, computer professionals, reverse engineers, and anyone else interested in the architecture and design principles that underpin all types of modern computer systems, from tiny embedded systems to cellphones to huge cloud server farms. Additionally, readers will learn about the possible directions these technologies will take in the following years. working knowledge about computer processors is advantageous but not needed.


Dissecting Computer Architecture


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