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Handbook of Antenna Technologies
: Handbook of Antenna Technologies
: Springer
: Chen, Z.N., Liu, D., Nakano, H., Qing, X., Zwick, Th. (Eds.)
: 2016
: English
: pdf

Provides a comprehensive, quickly accessed reference work on antenna technologies and applications Clarifies fast-developing advances in a field which is critical to communications and wireless technologies Covers all issues related to antennas, from theory and modeling to materials and challenges in applications Caters for students, academics and professionals from diverse scientific and engineering communities Features contributions by foremost experts in the field of antenna technology

This Handbook aims to present the rapid development of antenna technologies, particularly in the past two decades, and also showcasing the newly developed technologies and the latest applications. The handbook will provide readers with the comprehensive updated reference information covering theory, modeling and optimization methods, design and measurement, new electromagnetic materials, and applications of antennas. The handbook will widely cover not only all key antenna design issues but also fundamentals, issues related to antennas (transmission, propagation, feeding structure, materials, fabrication, measurement, system, and unique design challenges in specific applications). This handbook will benefit the readers as a full and quick technical reference with a high-level historic review of technology, detailed technical descriptions and the latest practical applications.



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