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: Retirement Fail: The 9 Reasons People Flunk Post-Work Life and How to Ace Your Own
: Greg Sullivan
: Wiley
: 2018
ISBN: 9781119447405
: epub
: 192
: 0,7 mb
: English

No matter how faithfully you have planned for your retirement or how much you've invested in your 401(k) or IRA account, the decisions you make along the retirement path will either enhance or negatively impact your financial future. In Retirement Fail, top investment advisor Greg Sullivan shares his years of experience to shed light on the potential financial pitfalls you may encounter and shows you how to protect your precious assets in retirement.

Sullivan takes the contrarian view that it isn't poor portfolio performance that breaks the retirement bank. The real reason retirees get into financial trouble is the emotional decisions they tend to make with their assets. Buying that vacation home that's just beyond reach, helping adult children finance graduate degrees, or taking a pass on the umbrella insurance an advisor strongly recommendssuch decisions can all have an enormous effect on whether you'll be able to one day enjoy a comfortable retirement.

The book is filled with real-life stories that explore the difficult financial situations people have found themselves in and how they managed to come out on the other side. These stories, some positive and others negative, highlight workable solutions and offer warnings for avoiding losses. Step by step, the author reveals the warning signs you must heed and includes suggestions for thinking through your prioritiesand the tradeoffs you may have to make to reach your goals. Making the right choices can be the difference between a comfortable retirement and one that is filled with stress and worry.


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