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: Abstract Pattern Illustrations for Textile Printing
: K. Murugesh Babu, M. Selvadass, Megha Shisodiya, Abera Kechi Kabish
: Springer
: 2022
: 273
: 49,3 Mb
: English

This book is intended for textile designers, fashion designers, and for those interested in the integration of graphic design with textile surface printing. The book discusses how abstract graphic designs with intense color palette range work on different types of fabrics, will be beneficial for designers. The book provides beautiful illustrations of abstract designs that can be used directly for textile printing and also acts as inspiration (or motivation) for development of new designs. Abstract designs represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality and uses shapes, colors and forms to achieve its effect. This book provides illustrations that show the importance of color and color combinations with bright, warm and dull colors. The book presents flawless illustrations with great harmony between the diverse shapes and overall color combinations. All the illustrations in this book are explained briefly. The illustrations can also be used in other areas like wall paper design, packaging design, ceramic design and many more.


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