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: Japanese Calligraphy: Shodo
: Sumiko Knudsen
: Books on Demand
: 2018
: 20
: / English

Shodo is composed of the words "Sho" which means writing, and "Do," which means path or way. Japanese Calligraphy originates from Calligraphy from China, dating back 3000 years. This art form from China reached Japan. In ancient times, Calligraphy in China and Japan has reflected their thinking and spirit, where a single brush stroke is used to show the person's thoughts, soul and emotion. This book tells you how to use Japanese brush, how to use a brush, how to start writing letters with aesthetic style. This book shows brush technique for Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. This book is for Japanese Calligraphy beginner and experienced.


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