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: Importing and Organizing of Photographs: with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic (Editing and Management of Photographs Book 2)
: J. Armando Fernandes
: Amazon.com Services LLC
: 2020
: epub
: 14 Mb
: English

Do you have a large number of photographs in your personal image bank? How about organizing and editing them practically and productively with advanced research and selection resources?
This technical book, belonging to the Editing and Management of Photographs series, will allow you to discover and use the number one software for these tasks - the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic software, better known as Lightroom - the modern digital developer of photographs!
If you are a professional photographer or passionate about photography, this electronic book will help you to discover the Lightroom Classic software. It is a computer program that has numerous and powerful tools for editing and managing large quantities of photographs in a practical and very productive way.
The books in the Editing and Management of Photographs series, divided into eleven volumes, are based on practical examples and with abundant availability of figures in order to facilitate the learning of the Lightroom software. This book is Volume #2 in the series, and has a chapter and an appendix:
- Chapter 7 - Importing and Organizing Photographs; and
- Appendix - Exercise Answers.
In this volume, you will know all the steps and settings necessary to import and organize your photographs in the Lightroom software efficiently and productively. They are the first steps towards a consistent application workflow.
All volumes in the series have the full text on the subject contained in the title of each book and numerous figures with screenshots of the Lightroom software. It allows the learning even without being in front of the computer. Also, fixation exercises with answers, lists with shortcut keys, and smart tips are available throughout the work.


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