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: Photoshop Elements 2022: Das umfassende Handbuch
: Jurgen Wolf
: Rheinwerk Fotografie
ISBN: 383628538X
: 2021
: 830
: 93,4

Holen Sie das Beste aus Ihren Bildern heraus mit Photoshop Elements 2022 und diesem umfassenden Handbuch! Der begeisterte Digitalfotograf J?rgen Wolf erkl?rt Ihnen verst?ndlich und praxisbezogen, wie Sie Ihre Fotos optimieren, Bildfehler korrigieren oder kreative Montagen und Collagen erstellen. Schaffen Sie mit dem Organizer Ordnung in Ihrer Bildersammlung.

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: Creating a Brand Identity: A Guide for Designers
: Catharine Slade-Brooking
: Laurence King Publishing
: 2016
: pdf
: 160
: 10,3
: English

Creating a Brand Identity goes behind the scenes to explore the creative processes involved in designing a successful brand identity, one of the most fascinating and complex challenges in graphic design.
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Adobe Photoshop Elements Visual QuickStart Guide: Adobe Photoshop Elements Visual QuickStart Guide
: Jeff Carlson
: Peachpit Press/Pearson Education
: 2022
: 288
: epub
: 108.4 MB

Master Adobe's friendliest tool for editing photos and making digital artwork, Photoshop Elements 2022, quickly and easily with step-by-step tutorials and full color images. Welcome to Photoshop Elements, the powerful, easy-to-use, image-editing software from Adobe. Photoshop Elements gives hobbyists, photographers, and artists many of the same tools and features found in Adobe Photoshop (long the industry standard), but packaged in a more accessible, intuitive workspace. Photoshop Elements makes it easy to retouch your digital photos; apply special effects, filters, and styles; create wide-screen panoramas from a series of individual photos; replace bland skies; and more. This book is suitable for the beginner just starting in digital photography and image creation, as well as hobbyists, photo enthusiasts, intermediate-level photographers, illustrators, and designers.
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Creating Q*bert and Other Classic Video Arcade Games: Creating Q*bert and Other Classic Video Arcade Games
: Warren Davis
: Santa Monica Press
: 2021
: 280
: epub (true)
: 23.5 MB

Creating Q*bert and Other Classic Video Arcade Games takes you inside the video arcade game industry during the classic decades of the 1980s and 1990s. Warren Davis, the creator of the groundbreaking Q*bert, worked as a member of the creative teams who developed some of the most popular video games of all time, including Joust 2, Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam, and Revolution X. In a witty and entertaining narrative, Davis shares insightful stories that offer a behind-the-scenes look at what it was like to work as a designer and programmer at the most influential and dominant video arcade game manufacturers of the era, including Gottlieb, Williams/Bally/Midway, and Premiere.
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Writing for Animation, Comics, and Games, 2nd Edition: Writing for Animation, Comics, and Games, 2nd Edition
: Christy Marx
: CRC Press
: 2022
: 313
: pdf (true)
: 10.8 MB

This second edition of Writing for Animation, Comics, and Games expounds on the previous edition with more information on how to construct narratives for these three forms of visual storytelling media. Christy Marxs book offers an in-depth look into scriptwriting and how to break into each of the featured industries. The text goes into detail on visual storytelling: how to compose exterior storytelling (animation, games) and interior/exterior storytelling (comics and graphic novels); as well as considerations for non-linear videogames. The advice within these pages can be used to build a transmedia career across animation, comics, graphic novels, and videogames.
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Mastering Photoshop CC Layers Second Edition: Mastering Photoshop CC Layers: Professional Strength Photo Editing, Second Edition
: Robin Whalley
: Lenscraft Photography
: 2021
: 333
: pdf , epub
: 20.3 MB

Adobe Photoshop CC is loaded with powerful photo editing tools, and yet its most powerful features are hidden away. Let me help you tap Photoshops most potent tools and begin to work just like a professional photo editor. Why a book about Photoshop Layers? Quite simply layers are one of the most powerful features in Photoshop. Today, most serious photo editors use layers in some way in their work. They allow them to better manage their work and make changes to images they can continue to refine, keeping the background image unchanged. But layers and their power go much deeper than supporting non-destructive photo editing. Used correctly, layers can make your photo editing much simpler and enable you to create effects that would be difficult or even impossible any other way.
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: Secrets of the Animator
: Julia Peguet
: CRC Press
: 2022
: 245
: 36,7 Mb
: English

Written based on the author's own notes compiled over 18 years, this work is intended for both animation students and professionals.This manual is a learning tool focusing exclusively on the work of animators. It provides all the keys to understanding the principles of motion and how to transfer them to characters, whether drawn or modeled, 2D or 3D, or human or animal. Julia Peguet explains the principles of physics applicable to any motion (animation curve, momentum, rebound, etc.) and provides practical tips for stabilizing a puppet, animating a character's mouth and eyes, or even making a character stand out with a particular gait. Sketches and photographs illustrate technical recommendations step by step. Exercises and boxes containing tips and notes are also provided.
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: Adobe Lightroom Tricks And Tips
: Papercut Limited
ISBN: 978-1-912847-69-3
: 2021
: pdf
: 127
: 99,0

Lightroom may be the professionals choice for image processing, but that doesnt mean it is out of reach of the beginner. After all, even the highest paid professional photographer had to start somewhere. Learning Lightroom can be fun and we are here to help you.
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: 2013
: djvu
: 1216
: 21 mb

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Adobe InDesign Classroom in a Book (2022 release): Adobe InDesign Classroom in a Book (2022 release)
: Kelly Anton, Tina DeJarld
: Adobe Press/Pearson Education
: 2022
: 448
: epub
: 44.4 MB

The fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn Adobe InDesign. Build a strong foundation of typographic, page layout, and document-construction skills through the step-by-step lessons in this book. The real-world projects - ranging from a printed postcard with a QR code to an interactive Adobe PDF with form fields - are designed to guide novice Adobe InDesign users through the most fundamental features to the most powerful. Experienced InDesign users learn best practices and explore features that will rapidly become a designer's best friend, such as intelligent image placement and access to the Adobe Fonts library.
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