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: The SLL Code for Lighting
: The Society of Light and Lighting
: The Charlesworth Group
: 2012
: 7
: / English

The content of the Code is also significantly different and these changes were introduced for two reasons. Firstly, the SLL Handbook, which was introduced in 2009, carries a lot of material about lighting equipment and lighting design. Consequently, there was no point repeating that material in the Code.

A key point made more explicit in the new edition of the Code relating to requirements for indoor workplaces is that the lighting should be on the stated visual tasks. This has in fact been the case since the 2002 edition, and the term working plane has not been used in the Code since 1994. The latest edition of the Code takes this one step further. In the section on indoor workplaces it advises that it is wasteful of energy to light the whole space when a particular task is carried out over a relatively small area.


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