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: Small Space Living: Expert Tips and Techniques on Using Closets, Corners, and Every Other Space in Your Home
: Roberta Sandenbergh
: Skyhorse Publishing
: 2018
: epub
: 232
: 45 Mb
: English

Complete with demonstrative illustrations and photographs, Small Space Living offers more than one hundred space-saving ideas from Roberta Sandenbergh, a.k.a the Small Space Architect.
Sandenbergh will introduce you to the idea of space opportunities?untapped areas in every home that can be expanded for storage and organizational purposes. A space opportunity might be as simple as using an empty space under a stairway or above a doorway or as complicated as dividing your entire apartment for rental income.
Each chapter addresses a different kind of space opportunity area, including closets, corners, walls, windows, ceilings, and floors. In these areas, you will be inspired by Sandenberghs creative approaches to divided spaces, stacked spaces, empty spaces, mirrored spaces, and multipurpose furniture.
Learn from the authors stories of her own designs for small-by-choice homes?for herself and for her clients?in which she tried to make the best possible use of varied living spaces. Allow Sandenbergh to help you create more space-efficient and attractive areas in your home whether you live in a studio apartment, a tiny home, or a larger home that needs more of a cozy feel.


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