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: Baby Sign Language Made Easy - 101 Signs to Start Communicating With Your Child Now
: Lane Rebelo
: Rockridge Press
: 2018
: 168
: 10 Mb
: English

Baby Sign Language Made Easy makes it fun and simple to communicate with your little one long before they are able to talk.
From clapping their hands in excitement to lifting their arms to be held, babies are naturally inclined to use gestures to communicate. With Baby Sign Language Made Easy youll discover 101 useful, everyday signs such as more, all done, bed, milk that will help you understand what your child is saying while having fun and strengthening your bond.
In Baby Sign Language Made Easy Lane Rebelo, founder of the award-winning Tiny Signs baby sign language program, delivers the step-by-step guidance that has helped thousands of parents integrate baby sign language into their daily routine. As a busy mother of two, Lane knows that parents dont have much free time on their hands to learn about baby sign language. Here, she offers simple strategies to learn the basics of baby sign language that will help you get started.

Simple and effective, Baby Sign Language Made Easy follows a clear structure that includes:

An overview of baby sign language that addresses signing at different ages and developmental milestones
10 quick-start signs to get your baby signing right away about topics that are most essential and relevant to their daily life
A total of 101 illustrated ASL signs that feature memory tips, suggestions for when to use the sign, and advice on how to identify babys response
Chapters organized by theme?such as Mealtimes & Manners, Bath Time & Bedtime, Family & Feelings, and more

With Baby Sign Language Made Easy you and your child will quickly learn to communicate about everything that goes on in their little world?and youll have fun doing it.


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