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: Creative Loveplay: Sensual Ways to Explore Your Erotic Fantasies
: Dr. Glenn Wilson
: Da Capo Lifelong
ISBN: 0786708816
: 2001
: 176
: 104 MB
: English

Imagination and experimentation can translate your erotic fantasies into sexual realities heightened by newly plumbed passion, as this handsome illustrated guide fully demonstrates in its aim to lead you and your partner to a more rewarding love life. After introducing couples to the secrets of the ancient Japanese, Chinese, Indians, and Arabians in the art of making love, this lucidly written volume offers numerous love games that enable partners to employ age-old but extraordinarily stimulating sexual techniques and to explore new erotic possibilities in their relationships. While these games encourage partners to tantalize and tease each other with props like a camera or a pack of cards, or with anything from food to feathers, the next section -- on role playing -- provides a series of scenarios that turn such childhood pastimes as playing doctor, nurse, boss, or teacher into romps through adult sensuality. Finally, a presentation of eighteen seductive situations shows how you can take passion to your patio, let loose inhibitions in the toolshed, or frolic alfresco. Together, the suggestions and scenarios in Creative Loveplay not only help partners to acknowledge, identify, and communicate to each other their needs and desires, but also provide ample ways to successfully and happily implement exciting variations on this thing called lovemaking.


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