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: Actin Polymerization in Apicomplexan: A Structural, Functional and Evolutionary Analysis
: Avinash Kale
: Springer Singapore
: 2019
: pdf
: 169
: 10,7
: English

This book discusses in detail the structural, evolutionary and functional role of actin and its regulatory proteins in gliding motility in apicomplexan organisms, a unique phenomenon found in actin-myosin cytoskeletal elements.

The book also explores the potential of different actin regulators, namely formin, profilin, actin depolymerization factor (ADF), capping proteins (CP? and CP?), cyclase-associated protein (CAP) and coronin 1324 as potential drug targets against malaria. As the chief components of the gliding motor, the actin-regulator proteins are characterized by unique features that make them promising targets for structure-based drug design.

Lastly, the book proposes a mathematical model, based on kinetic data mining, to help understand the most vital regulators for actin polymerization dynamics.


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