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: Tarot Reading Explained: The art of Tarot explained with sample readings
: Mr. James Ricklef
: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
: 2011
ISBN: 9781466379800
: azw3
: 344
: 1,5 mb
: English

Tarot Reading Explained (a revised edition of "Tarot Tells the Tale") clearly describes the process of reading Tarot cards using a wealth of readings for famous characters from myth, history and literature. Examples include Cinderella looking for Mr. Right and Abel harboring dark suspicions about his brother, Cain. Knowing these stories makes these readings easy to follow and understand.

This book also provides card meanings and valuable "how to" tips for doing Tarot readings, all of which take you through easy-to-follow instructions which show you how to put it all together for an insightful Tarot reading.

Whether you're a novice just learning how to read Tarot cards or an experienced reader looking to enhance your understanding of the process, this book will teach you, enlighten you, and (what makes it truly unique!) entertain you along the way. "Tarot Reading Explained is a unique contribution to the tarot field and one of the finest ways to learn to read the cards. It is also extremely well-writtena joy to read.


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