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: Quick Snap Guide to Digital Photography: An Instant Start-Up Manual for New Digital Camera Owners
: David D. Busch
: Cengage Learning PTR
ISBN: 159863335X
: 2006
: 232
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With the increasing availability of affordable digital cameras, serious photographers are literally snapping them up. This non-product-specific book doesn't show exactly how to make settings with a digital camera: it tells readers why they might want to make them. Quick Snap Guide to Digital Photography serves as an ideal introductory guide to get any new digital camera user up and running quickly. Covering just the essentials, it provides easy-to-follow instructions for all of the basics specific to digital photography. New skills are taught on two-page spreads and feature clear and concise directions and many full-color illustrations and images. Appropriate for any brand of digital camera, this book will have news users up and shooting in no time.


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