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: The Palgrave International Handbook of Human Trafficking
: John Winterdyk, Jackie Jones
: Palgrave Macmillan
: 2019
: 1863
: 25,9 Mb
: English

This handbook is an international, comprehensive, reference tool in the field of trafficking in people and slavery. It covers everything from historical perspectives to cutting-edge topics to provide a high-level and systematic examination of the field which is at the forefront of both research and practice. It has an impressive breadth of entries from leading experts and international organisations to NGOs on the ground. This handbook is truly global with contributions from scholars and practitioners on virtually every continent (e.g. Europe, North America, Australia, Africa, Asia, and South America). This book also covers problematic areas that cannot be found in other reference works.
The Palgrave International Handbook of Human Trafficking is divided into eight key sections:
1. History of Slavery and Trafficking in Persons
2. Explanations and Methods of Inquiry
3. Types of Trafficking in Persons
4. Trafficking in Persons and Response Mechanisms
5. Organizational Profiles
6. Country, Region and Local Response Mechanisms
7. The work of Non-Governmental Organizations
8. Future Issues and Directions in Controlling Trafficking in Persons.


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