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: Claude Diebolt, Michael Haupert
: Handbook of Cliometrics
: Springer
: 2015
ISBN: 9783642404054
: English
: pdf
: 13,5 mb
: 590

The New Economic History (a term proposed by Jonathan Hughes) or Cliometrics (coined by Stan Reiter), meaning literally the measurement of history, is of very recent origin. Its first practitioners are considered to be Alfred Conrad and John Meyer, who published Economic Theory, Statistical Inference, and Economic History in the Journal of Economic History in 1957 after its presentation earlier that year at the joint meetings of the Economic History Association and the NBER Conference on Research in Income and Wealth.

The articles in the handbook authored by the leading scholars in the fields, stress the usefulness of cliometrics for economists, historians and social scientists in general. The Handbook offers a comprehensive coverage of topics with each article providing an overview of the contributions of cliometrics to a particular topic. The Handbook sets a new standard of quality in the field by offering a world-wide forum of discussion in cliometrics.


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