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The Great Cities in History
: The Great Cities in History
: John Julius Norwich (editor)
: Thames & Hudson
: 2009
: epub
: 304
: 30 mb
: English

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From the origins of urbanization in Mesopotamia to the global metropolises of today, great cities have marked
the development of human civilization. "The Great Cities in History" tells their stories, starting with the earliest,
from Uruk and Memphis to Jerusalem and Alexandria. Next come the fabulous cities of the first millennium: Damascus
and Baghdad, Teotihuacan and Tikal, and Chang'an, capital of Tang Dynasty China. The medieval world saw the rise
of powerful cities such as Palermo and Paris in Europe, Benin in Africa, and Angkor in southeast Asia.
The last two sections bring us from the early modern world, with Isfahan, Agra, and Amsterdam, to the contemporary city:
London and New York, Tokyo and Barcelona, Los Angeles and Sao Paulo.


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