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: Alan Ryder
: The Wreck of Catalonia: Civil War in the Fifteenth Century
: Oxford University Press
: 2007
ISBN: 0199207364
: English
: pdf
: 10,5 mb
: 280

This study is filling the gap in the broader context of the forces and events which shaped Catalonias fortunes throughout the fifteenth century. Much still lies hidden in the abundant archival records. The first section examines the part played by social conflicts, economic problems, and dynastic politics in leading the principality into war. Particular emphasis is laid upon peasant unrest, hostilities within urban communities, endemic feuding among the aristocracy, royal absenteeism, and the destabilizing effect of quarrels within the royal family. For some reasons, the war, in both its internal and international dimensions, is treated in some detail in the second part. A third section surveys the nature of the regime imposed by Fernando after hostilities had come to an agonizingly protracted end.


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