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: Ancient Egypt and the Near East: An Illustrated History
: Marshall Cavendish Corporation
: Cavendish Square
ISBN: 0761479341
: 2010
: 144
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Ancient Egypt and the Near East: An Illustrated History explores the early civilizations that developed in Egypt and Mesopotamia between the start of farming in the Nile Valley around 6000 BCE and the defeat of the Persians by Alexander the Great in 330 BCE.
The world of ancient Egypt brought significant achievements and changes to the world and even today there is so much to be learned from this great early civilization. The pharaohs as well as great kings like Hammurabi and Nebuchadnezzar are all part of the time period covered by this book. The book includes detailed chapters on each of the key peoples who played a role in ancient Egypt. For example, the Sumerians (5000-2004 BC) were one of the world's first major civilizations and developed a form of writing called cuneiform. There were also the seafaring Phoenician traders and the Hittite warriors as well as the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Israelites and the Persians.


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