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: Romanland: Ethnicity and Empire in Byzantium
: Anthony Kaldellis
: Belknap Press: An Imprint of Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674986512
: 2019
: 392
: Mirknig.su
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A leading historian argues that in the empire we know as Byzantium, the Greek-speaking population was actually Roman, and scholars have deliberately mislabeled their ethnicity for the past two centuries for political reasons.
Was there ever such a thing as Byzantium? Certainly no emperor ever called himself Byzantine. And while the identities of minorities in the eastern empire are clear?contemporaries speak of Slavs, Bulgarians, Armenians, Jews, and Muslims?that of the ruling majority remains obscured behind a name made up by later generations.
Historical evidence tells us unequivocally that Byzantiums ethnic majority, no less than the ruler of Constantinople, would have identified as Roman. It was an identity so strong in the eastern empire that even the conquering Ottomans would eventually adopt it.


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