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: Late Antique and Early Medieval Hispania: Landscapes Without Strategy?
: Pilar Diarte-Blasco
: Oxbow Books
ISBN: 1785709968
: 2018
: 205
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Late Antique and Early Medieval Hispania. Landscapes without Strategy? examines the transformations of the urban and rural landscapes of the Iberian Peninsula, across one of the most turbulent periods of the history of this region, between the decay and disappearance of the Roman Empire and the arrival of the Islamic troops (c. AD 400-711). It analyzes landscape changes in a global perspective, combining both rural and urban contexts, discarding orthodox and reductionist points of view, where both aspects are analyzed independently and as isolated compartments. Core to this period of change is the arrival in Hispania of heterogenic groups of barbarians, their settlement in the Peninsula, and their coexistence with the local Romanized populations.


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